Update instruction

Verify the map in your navigation first:
iDrive Navigation
Settings Menu
Navigation System Version

Before start the update, prepare 3 things on your hand:

WinOS: Use FAT32 Formatter to format your USB stick to FAT32 format first

(We can send to you if you do not have)

Note: Some USB drives come with a hidden partition at the front of the drive. Make
sure go into Disk Management(WinOS) to delete all partitions
Then recreate a single partition FAT32 format

MacOS: Some USB drives come with a hidden partition at the front of the drive. Go to Disk Utility (OSX) and delete all partitions. Then recreate a single partition formatted FAT (OSX, it’s FAT32 by default)

Note: OSX places a series of hidden files on the USB stick which may cause the system not to properly read the data, if you have this problem use a utility like Blue Harvest to remove all the hidden files/folders from the USB stick. 

Follow the instructions inside the maps data download file to copy the maps data files onto the ROOT of your USB stick. The USB stick can be any names, do not worry about it.

Now, insert the map data USB stick into BMW USB interface, then system will prompt message.

Click “OK” to enter your FSC code. Map update will start immediately.

After maps data successfully installed, system will automatically reboot. The updating procedure is now complete. Congratulations!!